Under the aegis of our institute Hindustan Institute of Management and Computer Studies, a webinar was organized under Corporate Talk Series 2021. Some problems related to Total Quality Management were told about solving from a human resource perspective through SRF. As the keynote speaker of today’s webinar, Mr. Santosh Pathak (HR-Head, SRF, Malanpur) shared his quality management experiences. Dr. Naveen Gupta, Director of the institute and Behavioral Scientist, welcomed Mr. Santosh Pathak by his welcome speech. He said that SRF is known for its HR practices. If we talk about TQM, then it is a management framework that every company should maintain its quality. Mr. Santosh Pathak told about his HR practices followed at SRF. He said that through Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA), we maintain, improve and transform things. We for human resources working with the facts, knowing the reasons, prioritizing them, and then controlling with documentation are the five main points of TQM practices.

The problems of Total Quality Management can be completely eliminated through 5-S, Kaizen, Quality Control Circles, Daily Management, Break Through Management and Productive Maintenance. In SRF, it is called PSP which means problem solving process. In some companies, it is also known as 6-sigma, as well as keeping in minds the human values, we should solve the problems. All the participants present in the webinar appreciated the webinar very much and also asked questions to the speaker to solve their questions. Mr. N.K.Mishra, Head of the Department of M.C.A. gave vote of thanks and appreciated the efforts of Mr. Santosh Pathak. Mr. N. K. Mishra, Dr. Riju A. Singh, Mr. Kapil Choudhary and Dr. T. Senthil Siva Subramanian made their major contribution in organizing the webinar.