Students from the ACP Arjun Club of  Anand College of Pharmacy, SGI, Agra, enthusiastically participated in the Badminton and Squash Tournament at Dhyan Chand Activity Center of Anand Campus to compete with other colleges of  SGI.

Mr. Ayush Ranjan (B. Pharm. 2nd year) won a silver medal in the men’s singles badminton match. Ms. Gunjan Soni (B. Pharm. 2nd year) won a silver medal in the women’s singles badminton match.

The Boys Badminton team of Mr. Ayush Ranjan (B. Pharm. 2nd year) and Mr. Atul Kumar Gond (B. Pharm. 2nd year) won a silver medal in the men’s doubles badminton match.

Prof. (Dr.) Kashmira J. Gohil, Dean, Anand College of Pharmacy met all the winners and congratulated them all on their victory for their enthusiastic and energetic participation. Mam also inspired them with optimistic words so that all come forward and achieve success in every field.  All faculty members congratulated the winners and felt proud that the talented students played well in this event. Mr. Saurabh Bharadwaj (Asst. Prof.) was the sports coordinator from Anand College of Pharmacy, Agra.

The Executive Vice president of the SGI group, Prof. V. K. Sharma, Hon. Vice-chairman Shri Y. K. Gupta, praised and congratulated all the students, faculty, and staff members on this occasion.