Best Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed) Institute in Agra-Mathura Region

Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed)

Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed)


Bachelor of Physical Education is an undergraduate program that deals with the development and care of the human body. The program focuses on the fundamental principles of physical education including scientific practices, assessment methods, psychological and cultural aspects and leadership development in the students in a range of physical activities.  

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    About B.P.Ed.

    Sharda Group, regarded as the best institutes for bachelor in physical education program provide elementary as well as secondary physical education training facilities to the students.

    The program allows students to explore physical activities and exercises that help improve the well-being of human-body. It grooms the candidates to become elementary or secondary school physical education teachers, coaches, fitness instructors and athletes. It also provides student-teaching experience to the learners. Bachelor’s degree program at Sharda Group provides training to the students in the areas of motivation, classroom management, diversity and growth etc.

    Programme Structure

    The curriculum for Bachelor of Physical Education program provides a holistic mix of classroom lectures, practical training and teacher-training sessions.  Core courses of the program include: Exercise psychology, anatomy and physiology, motor skills development and kinesiology, injury prevention, first aid and physically adapted activities, nutrition, physical education teaching methods, psychomotor skills, organization and administration.


    The syllabus of Bachelor of Physical Education is divided into two parts – theoretical and practical. The curriculum also focuses on effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills of the students to enhance their learning and involvement in various physical activities. Project based learning is interwoven with classroom teaching. The program also teaches various disciplines of the physical activities and also describes the theory of ancient and medieval Vedic yoga.

    Program Objectives

    Benefits of the Program

    If you are passionate about sports, physical fitness and want to become a physical education instructor, Bachelor of Physical Education course is best for you.


    Graduation pass from a recognized university and a minimum of 50% marks.


    Scope / Career Prospects

    After the completion of program, the degree enables students to be employed in public as well as private sectors where they can represent themselves in sporting events or games in various matches or tournaments.  They can work in different areas including:

    • Colleges/private schools
    • Sports team
    • Fitness center
    • Sports journalism
    • Sports and business marketing
    • Sports equipment industries 


    • Sports and Business Marketing
    • Health & sports related organizations
    • Sports Journalism
    • Fitness Centre
    • Sports Equipment Industries
    • Colleges
    • Private Schools
    • Hotel Industries
    • Sports Team
    In the beginning, you can earn Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 on a monthly basis. The salary in the field of Physical education depends upon the sports you have chosen. After an experience & on the basis of the skills, the salary will rise with multi-fold.