Vice Chairman - Sharda Group (Hindustan & Anand Campus)

Vice Chairman


Address: SGI Tower, Agra

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When you come to Sharda, you are choosing a college that has been raising the bar of excellence in education since 1996. Behind this success was the experience of almost a decade in managing a large conglomerate of education institutions with infrastructure and education delivery processes benchmarked with the best. The experiential education that our graduates have received while at Sharda has empowered them to solve real-world challenges.

Whether through joining the workforce, continuing on with further studies, launching an entrepreneurial venture or forging a different path, Sharda’s graduates have brought their ‘Think and Do’ spirit out into the world. Our passion for the areas of expertise we operate in and our cordial relationship with industry, you can be sure that Sharda will help you find your future.

An investment in higher education is a life-changing decision that will affect your career growth. Whatever programme you choose, we will support you with the very best academic staff and state-of-the-art facilities.