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M.Tech – Production Engineering

M.Tech – Production Engineering


M. Tech. Production Engineering programme includes designing and installation of integrated systems for human and materials, equipment, and processes in order to increase the productivity of goods. 

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    About M.Tech (VLSI)

    It enables the students to solve complex problems related to industrial productivity through analysis of R & D, production, sales, construction, assessment, and maintenance. The graduates aim at higher productivity by adopting integrated design, efficient planning, and operative systems.

    Programme Outcomes

    Upon completion of the M. Tech. Production Engineering (PE) programme, students will be able to:
    • Apply advanced level knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools of production engineering.
    • Develop management control systems to provide the right kind of assistance in financial planning, cost analysis, and production planning for the physical distribution of goods and services.
    • Function on multidisciplinary teams, working cooperatively, respectfully, creatively and responsibly as a member of a team.
    • Identify, formulate, and solve industrial productivity related problems using advanced level computing techniques.
    • Communicate effectively by oral, written, computing and graphical means.
    • Understand the impact of production engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.
    • Recognize the need to engage in lifelong learning through continuing education and research.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary issues in the area of production engineering.
    • Manage projects related to production engineering in multidisciplinary environments.

    Programme Objectives


    B.Tech/B.E pass from a recognized board or university and a minimum of 60% marks.



    Software Companies:

    • TCS
    • Infosys
    • Satyam- Mahindra
    • L & T Infotech
    • HCL
    • I-Gate
    • NIIT Technologies
    • Torry Harris
    • Wipro Infotech
    • EDS
    • Webcom
    • R-Systems
    • Global Logic
    • Netchasers
    • Sapient
    • Sapient Informatics
    • Accenture
    • Daffodil Software

    Networking Companies:

    • HCL Infosystem
    • Data Armor
    • Spanco
    • Hughes Communication
    • Idea
    • Tata Tele Services
    • Sterling Telecom Electronics Companies

    Mobile/Communication Companies:

    • Sasken
    • Z-Teck
    • Electro Com
    • Sony Ericsson
    • L.G. Electronics
    • Control & Switchgears
    • TNS
    • Abacus
    • All the three wings of Indian armed forces viz. Army, Navy and Airforce

    The opportunities are limited only by the aptitude, training and preparation of the candidates. Beginning with minimum of Rs. 2.2 lakh/p.a. to Rs. 4.5 lakh/p.a. for entry level jobs, bright students are able to secure offers as high as Rs. 4.5 – Rs. 6.5 lakh/p.a. with specialized training in Mobile computing, VLSI Design etc. Sky is the limit for experienced professionals.