Under the guidance of the teachers of HCST, Asst. Prof. of Physics Dr. Vinod Kushwaha, Asst. Prof. of Bio-technology Mr. Vipin Kumar and first year coordinator Asso. Prof. Dr. Suruchi Kumar, the students of Computer Science & Engineering and I.T. Mr. Dheeraj Yadav and Mr. Anmol Kashyap, have developed such an automated technique that it will be possible to get information about electric buses running in the CITY at the right place through a mobile app. The passenger will be saved from financial loss. This technique will prove to be effective for all the electric buses operating in Agra and it will be possible to get the suitable location of the bus at any point of time.  Presentation related to this ‘e-bus tracking web app’ was presented in front of Agra Smart City’s top official Mr. Anand Menon and technical expert Mr. Saurabh Agarwal. Appreciating the web app developed by the students, he said that together they will make this technology more effective. With this technology, the system of traffic on the computer can be controlled by sitting at one place.  With the help of this technology, the elderly, women and differently-abled people will not wait for a long time for the buses and it will be easier for the youth to reach their places on time. Tourists visiting Agra will also be greatly benefited by this facility.