Students of the Biotechnology Department, Anand Engineering College, Agra, developed an Insilico method which will prove to be helpful in the early identification and diagnosis of patients who are infected by any viral strain of SARS COVID -19. Early detection of SARS viral proteins and suitable ligand preparation can deal with the issue more rapidly with more accuracy. Keeping this in mind, students have developed a methodology that can easily detect SARS viral infection. Insilico detection of SARS viral proteins and ligands with the help of molecular dynamics simulation is one of the ways to overcome this problem. The project work is carried out under the supervision of Mr. Pramod Gware, Assistant Professor, Biotechnology.

Dr. Shailendra Singh, Director of the College, congratulated the students and said that this technique will prove to be very helpful for the researchers in early disease diagnosis and treatment of SARS Virus. With the help of this technology, pharmaceutical companies and researchers will be able to detect viral proteins more rapidly and then they can design the drug accordingly.

The project guide Mr. Pramod Gware said that it is very easy and accessible for the R & D firms to use this technology. For this, researchers have to program the protein computationally with the help of molecular dynamics and simulation tools. Such methodology is able to simulate the viral proteins in real-time and is able to determine which kind of ligand molecules is able to interact with the targeted protein.  Along with this information, names of possible medicines will also be made available to the researchers by ligand designing for the solution of that disease.

Dr. Ravindra Kumar Jain, Head of the Department congratulated all the students and Mr. Pramod Gware for developing this insilico method and said that this kind of Bioinformatics based approach is able to identify disease at a more rapid rate and will save the lives of many individuals.

On this achievement, the Vice Chairman of Sharda Group, Mr. Y.K. Gupta and Executive Vice President Prof. V.K. Sharma congratulated all the students and wished them good luck for their bright future.