Institution Innovation Cell (IIC)at Anand College of Pharmacy(ACP), Sharda Group (SGI), Agra received 3 STARS rating for session 2019-2020 fromMinistry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD), Government of India,for Session-2019-20. The IIC cell at college was established in 2018. The Rating was done on the basis of completing 24 activities alone in lockdown period and uploading all the reports and participation in prescribed activities instructed by MHRD. The main objective of the cell is to encourage, inspire and nurture faculties as well as young students by supporting them to work on new innovative ideas and transform them to prototype.




The team of IIC the current Chief coordinator Dr. Deepali Pandey (Asst. Prof), along with Deepak Mittal, Final year B. Pharm student as a star performer among students, worked to achieve this goal under the guidance of college Dean, Dr. Kashmira J. Gohil, to bring IIC cell of the college to the next level.

The Vice Chairman of the group, Shri Y. K. Gupta and Executive Vice president Prof. V. K. Sharma, appreciated the efforts of the team at Anand College of pharmacy.