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Campus life

At Sharda, you will make your mark. By forging great friendships, joining clubs, playing sports and taking part in campus life, you will make the most of your time as a college student — and find out who you are. This campus is rich with traditions like doing things your way while transforming your life and making the campus a better place. You’ll pick up life skills along the way, like leadership. And you’ll find SHARDA is one of a kind, like you.


College is an experience you’ll remember forever, and so many memories are made beyond the books. A diverse roster of clubs, organizations, and events means Sharda’s campus is full of energy. Whatever you choose, getting involved at Sharda is easy. You’ll go from curious student to confident leader in no time.

“The right information, at the right time, in the right place, in the right way”


Its spacious floor space encompasses study areas, book stacks and function areas such as Training and Audio Visual Rooms and the Multimedia Zone. Our library is ever growing with a huge variety of books, e-journals, online e-databases, audio visual and other collections to support teaching, learning and research efforts of the academic community at Sharda. The Library has been designed to suit the needs of all of our students. This includes large quiet and silent study spaces are also available for those who wish to work independently.


Leaving home for college means you’ll be exploring a new place, making new friends and setting your own priorities. You’re going to face big changes in a small amount of time, which can be both exciting and intimidating.“One of the best and worst things about college is that there are so many things to do besides taking classes.” You’ll have to make choices regularly about where to focus your energy. College also means a new social scene. You may be moving to a new place where you’ll know few people, if any. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and try new things. You can even reinvent yourself if you want to. In high school, there’s a clear line between school life and home life. But when you go to college and live on campus, you are constantly among friends. So it’s important to balance having fun with the other parts of your life: studying, staying healthy and even sleeping.

In classrooms, all students feel supported to learn and explore ideas, safe to express their views and respected as individuals and members of groups; they view themselves as people who “belong” in a community of learners. Faculty support rigorous academic work and deep learning by all students. Instructors attempt to be responsive to students on both an individual and a cultural level, classrooms are places in which thoughtfulness, mutual respect, and academic excellence are valued and promoted.

We have a number of workshops to help with enhancing the curriculum.Our faculty has an extensive range of specialist laboratories for students to visit and utilize for the purpose of raising their aspirations.Students will be given an introduction to each technique, after which they will run samples on the instrument and learn how to interpret the results.

We are continually investing in our sports facilities both on and off campus. Sports have a purpose to meet the recreational and competitive needs of the student community in a wide variety of sport and recreation activities. Student interest and dedication will lead to the development of sport clubs that will further students’ extra-curricular and leadership experiences at the college premises.Our student activity center also houses squash courts, outdoor court and sports halls where you can play badminton, netball, five-a-side and much more. Additional studio space and a well equipped Gym. We believe sport has the power to inspire anyone at every level, from the casual gym goer right up to the performance sports athletes and coaches.

Creativity changes your perspective.